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Originally Posted by pointerman View Post
Not yet you're not. A slow process is not a guaranteed "no". I'm as squeaky clean as you can get. Haven't even had a traffic ticket in over 13 years. Never been arrested and have never taken any illegal substance. If they deny me they are definitely making a statement about what they feel about CCW.
It is more dependent on your good cause letter than how many traffic violations you have. SJ is a very tough county to get approved on right now. My mother is going through the process and I'm teaching her how to shoot while we wait. She will likely be approved because she is well off, white, a county employee who works in the worst part of Stockton and has a job which has led to actual personal threats against her safety.

If your good cause letter didn't hint at you being a well-to-do white person, and you didn't specify actual threats to your safety (beyond merely anticipated or perceived threats). You likely will be denied.
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