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Here's a technical issue.

Currently I am denied access to "Off Topic". I've noticed that the same day this occurred there are other functions which no longer work. I can currently post and reply to posts but I can't select smilies. I click on them and nothing happens. Also if I decide to edit a post I can open it and make changes but when I click "save", "go advanced", "delete" or "cancel" it doesn't perform the function. The button itself does respond by changing color, but that's it. The row of edit buttons, "bold" "quote" "You Tube" etc. don't work either. I can manually type them in though.

Not sure if it helps but I am using a G5 Mac and Firefox.

Testing to see if Safari works on editing this post. If you see this, it does.
So I guess this is a fairly isolated problem since Safari edited this post, twice.
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