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My first build, super budget build. Just to get a shootable rifle cost me roughly $650 with tax/S&H. Just recently painted it in the camo scheme. It's been black up until mid Nov-2013. It's had about 1,500 rounds through it. Always shot higher quality ammo through it like Rem, Fed, and Win. Got the Barrel for free from a buddy, it's an M-16 barrel that still had the cardboard tube in it. Took around 5-6 weeks to build it starting late Last OCT. Installed the barrel and tightened the barrel nut down at Burro Canyon Range and fired the first few rounds through it. It's been a smooth flawless dream come true. Don't care much what it looks like as long as it runs flawlessly and shoots straight. It's a little heavy, but I love it! Pics to come later of my wife's build that I'm starting, unless she really wants it purple. Hmm maybe I can do it in the Army's new A-TACS pattern in black, purple and dark grey...

Upper: AR-Stoner
Barrel: 20" Colt 5.56 1:7 Rifle length, started with standard A2 flash hider then changed over to with what I think is a Seekins Precision muzzle brake.
Lower: Black lower is Ammo Bros, painted lower is 80%.
Stock: Standard A2 w/trap door.
Magazine: Only 10's
Use: Turning paper into Swiss Cheese for now.

Trigger: CMMG LPK polished the mating surfaces to for a smother crisper break
Grip: from the CMMG LPK
Optics: First was a Tasco 3-9x40mm, then an Oculus 3-9X40mm BDC reticle
Sights: Fixed FSB MBUIS rear
Bipod: Harris 27"
Sling: None
Light: Elzetta FSB mount w/standard cheapo Light running on 2 CR123 Batteries
Paint: 6-color desert/multicam scheme.
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