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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
Found three M37s on the first page of the search I did.

As for 870s, they are harder to locate since there is only 7 years of C&Rs out there. YOu'd need to to look at the pictures/text for serial number or email the seller what serial number it was.

572,000 is the cut-off for 1957 870s.

Ithacas cut off at 704,000 for 1957 M37s.

As a price point, I paid under $200 shipped for my 37, and got a couple 870s for $280 & $320 shipped.

Sweet man, my gunbroker-fu is weak. Was searching in the wrong spot. Now I just need to wait for this C&R to slowly get here. Has anyone done a side by side and cleaned up the stock to only a pistol grip? I think that will have to be my next project.
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