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Originally Posted by GuyW View Post
How do you prove that your pistol-gripped "shotgun" was never a shoulder-stocked shotgun?
By buying the specific model that comes with a PG only. Keep a copy of the box label that shows the serial and what model it was. The 07/02s that I have talked to that were willing to do an AOW on a customer supplied PG-shotgun all required either a copy of, or the actual box label so that they could confirm that it left the factory as a PG gun.

Originally Posted by GuyW View Post
Right - the only one that I know of, where the manufacturer sold a unique model that never had a shoulder stock....therefore, sales docs and 4473 would ID that gun as an AOW....
Mossberg has a couple models out there. The 500 JICs and Cruisers. And Remington has one 870 model out there with the PG, model #24823.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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