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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
Yup, if it was a pistol-gripped shotgun, and has never had a stock attached, you could do a Form 1 for an AOW with a trust with no CLEO signoff and no need for an NFA dealer.

Once you get the Form 1 approved, then go ahead and create your own Super Shorty. Just make sure that you never attach a stock to it or you will have created an illegal SBS.
  1. I purchase and DROS a pistol-gripped shotgun, in my name.
  2. I create a trust, LLC, or Corp.
  3. Transfer the pistol-gripped shotgun, to the above entity.
  4. Submit the Form 1 for an AOW.
  5. Get my approval.
  6. Then create my Super Shorty
I get everything except this, how can I legally transfer the pistol-gripped shotgun, from me, to a trust, LLC, or Corp., with out the use of a FFL 01.

I once spoke to CA-DOJ about corporate ownership of firearms and their line was that only "living" entities could own firearms in CA.

Trust I have an idea about, but LLC's and corporations I have no Idea what the procedure for transfer would entail... any thoughts...

If this was covered please point me in the right direction...
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