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I finally got to the range to try out the 308 reloads Bruceflinch helped me with. I fired a few 5 rounds groups to see how accurate the new reloads were. These were shot a 100 yards. I didn't try to zero my scope, just wanted to see how good of a group these would shoot. The scope had been sighted in previously using some 168 grain MiWall (gun show) reloads that had about a 2 inch spread at 100 yards. At 200 yards it looked like I had fired off a shotgun loaded with 00 Buck.

The first group shot after warming up the barrel were a group of 5 rounds of the 150 grain reloads that were very tight, under the size of a quarter. See pic below.

Next I tried a group of 168 grain Federal Gold Medal Match, also at 100 yards. The grouping of these were not as tight as the 150 grain reloads. They were close though. there is actually 6 rounds in this group. guess i lost count. If you throw out one of the rounds, the group may actually be about the same the reloads. See pic below.

I found it interesting that the 150 grain reloads all hit about 2 inches above the bulls eye/point of aim while the Gold Medal Match all hit about 1 inch below the point of aim.

Next I tried these two sets of ammo out at 200 yards. Well I don't know what it means but I think the Gold Medal Match ammo faired a little better at this distance. In all fairness the lack of a tight group might be my fault because my scope isn't powerfull enough to get a pinpoint point of aim on the bulls eye at 200 yards, at least for my eyes. My point of aim could have been off some because of the lack of visual detail. Another contributing factor may have been that the front bag of my Caldwell Rock developed a tear and exploded all over the shooting bench. this made getting a good steady aim a little more difficult due to the front bag being flat. In any event, below are the two groups, neither of which are impressive. The group from the Gold medal match ammo consisted of only 4 rounds because I ran out of the ammo. I noticed that the gold Medal was again hitting significantly lower on the target than did the 150 grain reloads but they looked to be grouped a little closer together, if you could call it that.
Reloads pic

GMM pic

In any event, these reloads were so much more accurate than the previous bargain price reloads I had bought at the gun show. The ones Bruce helped me with showed me that reloading your own will result in much better accuracy. I just need to try out different bullet weights and powders to find the right combo for my rifle. You all have got me hooked on reloading now. One more thing to obsess over. I think I'll also need to try out a higher power scope or maybe just use bigger targets.

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