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Originally Posted by K1NJO View Post
Got a question for the experts here...

Does the address on my CA ID and my car registration have to match? My ID shows the address of my parents house, before I moved. My car registration has the address of my current residence.

If they do have to match, how would I go about doing so since DMV does not send out a new ID just for an address change.
Originally Posted by iareConfusE View Post
Honestly it depends on the shop you're doing the transfer at. I've been to a couple shops where they want both registration address to match DL address, and I've been to shops that only care about the registration address. The latter is more common I believe - as long as your registration has your current address you should be good to go for most shops.
I used my fishing license! Only state issue document with my current addy! CDL has old addy and car reg was in my wifes name. They took my CDL and fishing license as good enough. Hunting license was exp ...

EDIT: Actually not fishing license ... went to claim after 10 days and it was pointed out the document was not issued by the state (issued by Big5 as proxy for the state) so it doesn't count. Good thing I had my wifes car (which is actually registered in my name).
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We have the time and the hammers.
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Study and learn our history and law as it is -- not as you would like it to be.

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