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Originally Posted by formerTexan View Post
Wouldn't showing the Class 3 dealer your Form 1 (with da stamp!) enough to show that the laws allowed it would also allow a transfer of a similar piece on a Form 4? I would guess that Class 3 dealers in Calif. are not used to dealing with non-LE agencies, and would pretty much scoff at doing anything with the general public.
That is the plan. First step was to confirm that the concept of the idea by getting some Form 1's approved. And to re-confirm that it works by having others also get approved Form 1s, which has happened.

Next step is to get an approved Form 4 through a local Class 3. However, the firearms fund has to be replenished. I could go in there and talk to him, but if I wasn't ready to buy, he'd probably just assume I was one of those people that like to talk **** and finger**** the merchandise.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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