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Just want to mention one important fact...

The legislature in the state of California, which has little to no knowledge of guns and even less support for their defensive use, had seen it fit to restrict the kind of guns that can get on the "approved roster". Amongst these are:-
  • Magazine Disconnect Safety
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator

In otherwords, unless the gun has a flag that pops out and says loaded when a round is in the chamber, it cannot get on the list. If it can be fired with the magazine removed it also cannot get on the list.

Not everyone agrees with having such attributes on the gun of course. For one, the pop up flag may snap on clothing or a holster if you are carrying concealed. Or it may be a distracting protrusion when it comes to the sight picture. Personally, I don't want any gun with a loaded chamber indicator.

The Magazine Disconnect is a silly idea in trying to idiot proof a pistol. It prevents the round from being fired if the magazine is removed. Presumably it guards against accidental discharge by idiots who don't have the simplest of understanding that a semi-auto pistol can still have a chambered round even when you remove the magazine. Idiots who don't visually and personally clear their weapons. The problem is that in a tactical scenario you may end up in a situations where you have expended a portion of the ammunition in the magazine (say 5 out of 10 rounds) and wish to reload with a full mag during a pause in the engagement. A magazine disconnect will get you killed by preventing you from discharging the last remaining chambered round if you are surprised by an assailant in the middle of your reload. I do not ever want a gun with a magazine disconnect.

Well, just want everyone to know that it is NOT illegal to own and shoot pistols without these features. It doesn't matter when or how they were acquired. It is only illegal to sell new pistols without these features (unless you do a single shot exemption) because they can never be on the approved roster. So, feel free to remove these features once you have acquired the gun. Most loaded chamber indicators are either a separate tilting piece or an overly tall extractor. Feel free to remove them or replace them with non-CA spec parts. Many pistols are offered with out without the magazine disconnect or have internals that can be pinned in place so they always think there is a magazine in place. Feel free to do that.

Ultimately, your life may depend on your handgun. The idiots in Sacramento's lives won't. Don't left their folly cost you your life.

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