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Originally Posted by VC Defense View Post
As a California FFL, I may be interested in carrying these. However, I assume the intent is to register them under the single shot exemption (SSE). I don't see "Extar" in the pull down menu for "Make". Can someone explain how an SSE can be done if the make is not in the pull down?

Originally Posted by NewFrontierArmory
Yes, we sell to Cali with a sled and bullet button installed.

That's fine and good (necessary (Sled, BB)), but as a dealer, I can't register it to someone under the SSE unless the make "Extar" is listed in the "Make" drop down menu in the California DROS system.

This is required for an SSE, Peace Officer and Private Party transfer. In other words, no transfer of this pistol can take place in California as I know it needs to be done.

Is Extar what's printed on the receiver as the make or is it marked with a make that's in the DROS system? Has any FFLS doe a transfer, and how?

Here's a graphic showing where Extar would need to fall in the Make drop down menu, not there.


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