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Originally Posted by wweigle View Post
Guinness68 has it pegged. It is interesting how the retail gun business seems to operate. I have been going to gun stores for 40 years, and it is a common theme that gun shop employees are generally really poor at educating the customer, and walking them through the process of choosing and purchasing a gun. It is very frustrating to witness this when its clear that the customer is new to guns and needs some constructive direction. Several time I have had to bit my tongue, when I knew what the customer was looking for to make a decision, and the counter person just did not give it to him. I too feel like if I ever needed a job I could be top salesman in a month at several stores I been too and watched how they deal with their customers.

The only place I've actually felt like someone wanted to sell me a gun was at TDS guns. Everywhere else is like what you've described.
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