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Originally Posted by PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE View Post
Seems all too many shops have customer service issues, whether it's 1 employee or the majority of them. That's retail in general, that all being said, J&R's apology seems hollow and half hearted, and explaining the employee's conduct almost makes it sound like it was a valid reaction. So what the lower was improperly put together, why on earth would you need to reply with condencending comments, as well as other comments about his accessories! Even if you're having a bad day, what does the cheek rest and scope have anything to do with anything.

Completely and utterly unacceptable behavior (bad day or not), and piss poor apology by J&R, especially with the "Upon inspection of the weapon, the dangerous condition of the rifle is what shocked the person you dealt with, and provoked his response to you. I agree that the response was unacceptable, but I also understand what upset him. Here is Ian's report". ARE YOU SERIOUS, how about here's Ian's apology, on your next visit ask for me and I'll take care of you! GEEZ unbelievable

OP take your wallet elsewhere, J&R isn't even half attempting to win your business back! IMHO
How about accuse the right person, I was not involved in this. I posted this because I care. The employee has been reprimanded, which I am not going into. I wont however have someone totally outside of the situation bad-mouth me while all i have done is try to make things right.


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