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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
You have to remember something here to. First of all, Getting a guide for deer is big bucks. The OP stated he can't afford one at current prices. With that said, are there others that are cheaper? YES! Why would a successful guide service charge less than market value if they are good at what they do though?

Keep in mind, I didn't learn how to hunt by reading the interwebs. I learned on my own by looking at maps, traveling to new places (blind) and getting out and hunting. (just like most people) I have never used a guide service. Except for hogs, i see no real need to use a guide service in this state.

The OP has stated several factors in regards to hunting. He states, he has no time to scout, he has had no success with large game, he can't afford the going rate for a guide, rejects the ability to walk into a National Forest and try on his own with the idea he probably won't be successful at first and maybe even first couple of years. His golf and motorcycling is more important, He thinks that his shooting ability alone will get him a large game animal but yet see again his inability to do so.

So what you have here is someone who wants ,wants wants but is not willing to act as an apprentice, can't afford to be taught by a good guide, and won't take the time to learn on his own. What am i missing here?

Oh, his solution is to shoot farm raised animals and then complain about how the animals were passive and the how the other animals he did not shoot didn't even move after he made a kill. What exactly did he expect from a hunt like that? Then come here on CGN with his complaint, and try to beg others to find out what he should do and how he can become a better hunter.
That all may well be true. So what? I dont know what the going rate for a deer guide in CA is either. Why? Cuz I've never looked into it. But if I was interested I would have to start looking somewhere right?

I get that you're self taught and put the miles on your boots to get your experience. My point is "you've had the time and ability to do that". But you keep framing all of your coments in the context of YOUR personal circumstances.

Speaking in general, not just about the OP, not everyone is able to do that. My point in using an example of Canada or Alaska is, unless you live there, putting in that kind of field time isn't something even YOU are likely to be able to do, and there is no shame in seeking a local guide to make the most of your time on the ground especially if your time is very limited.

So if perhaps you're a busy working man in one of the major metro areas in CA, have a family, some other hobbies etc. So for such a person, scouting somewhere in CA might as well be scouting in Canada.

Are there not guys who fly to Canada once a year to hunt, or travel to some other state to hunt deer or elk or whatever? It's done all the time. Hunting is not their life, it's just something they do occasionally and they pay someone to do the leg work and bring the experience. The OP wasn't asking how to become a master hunter, he was asking where he could go to be guided and have a good experience.....and yes.....hopefully some success. If I paid big bucks to go hunt somewhere, I'd like to be successful too.
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