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Originally Posted by Untamed1972 View Post
The problem with someone(s) here is that their very large egos tend to block their view, hence they dont realize that they're can't see out of their own narrow box.

Not everyone has their own private property to hunt on and that borders private land. Some folks have to drive quite a ways which limits field time and preseason scouting, etc. Or could even preclude any meaningful ability to scout all together depending on one's location and other responsibilities.

Not everyone can shoot on their own property. So getting time on short notice to zero a new scope or whatever may be difficult, since a range trip can take time dependong on where are. My back fence is a state park on one side and NF on the other (no open shooting allowed in the NF, only for hunting). But I can't shoot on my property due to neighbor proximity, lack of backstop etc. I'm 30-45min to a range to go zero at. Factor in drive time, range hours, time at the range etc, and you're talking a 1/2 day afair by the time it's all said and done.

Not everyone was raised hunting and had mentors to show them the way. Some people get into it later in life and gotta mostly go it on their own. When someone starts out, all they have as a frame of reference is what if any applicable or slightly applicable knowledge they might have and they go from there. There is nothing wrong with that.

But to instantly jump the sh*t of any novice that comes here asking for advice regardless of how stupid you think their questions might be, slapping them in the face with you self-proclaimed huge d!ck, and berating them for basically not being YOU is just plain stupid and arrogant. I'm pretty sure unless you were born with a rifle in your hand and hunting license as a birthmark, you started somewhere too.

So feeling is if you can't answer questions and share your knowledge without being a total sh*thead about it......then seriously......dont post cuz no one is interested in your attitude. If anything it makes us here at CGN look bad and it's not appreciated.
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