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Originally Posted by Clee View Post
... How does CAT teach all these students on the line without muzzling the guy in front of you when you holster and unholster your gun?
I am unclear as to why you think there is a special problem unique to CAR. Pull back to SUL, following the contour of your own body back to the holster ... no problem. A 4-count draw with an "averted 2" muzzles no one from almost any standing position, including CAT. That's too easy for it to have not been obvious.

Next at 11:00, the shooting on the move portion, do they really teach people to cross their legs while moving?
It's called "putting one foot in front of the other" ... not sure what you saw, but it appears that you are actively searching for something to criticize.

Man the more I research this "system" it proves to me its a joke and ha no real world applications.
As an overall primary system, it's lacking in many respects. My primary issue with it is that it takes far too much training to be certain that you won't be flagging your own bicep. It does have some advantages in some cases, for someone willing to learn.

I don't pretend to be an "authority." I'm just a guy who trains a lot, shoots a lot and has a perspective.

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