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Originally Posted by ramzar View Post
It's all so subjective. Find out what works best for you personally by giving various techniques a good try.

Personally, CAR may have its uses but to teach it as a default method is resorting to a marketing gimmick.

I finally watched this video, well at least parts of it as I fast forward to parts. First on the screenshot of this vid with all students on the line. How does CAT teach all these students on the line without muzzling the guy in front of you when you holster and unholster your gun?

Next at 11:00, the shooting on the move portion, do they really teach people to cross their legs while moving?

That's all I watched and that was enough for me to learn enough about these guys.

Man the more I research this "system" it proves to me its a joke and ha no real world applications.

If any one is looking into these guys all I can say is do what you want and spend your training money (and ammo) wisely.
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