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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
Apparently you missed the post where I said I did not vote for a sitting California politician.
You also said in post 107 that Republicans were the elected officials in your area and in 112 that you would never vote republican due to the stench on the right. This sounds to me like you have voted for anti 2a elements but they did not get elected. Maybe the Dems you voted for were for 2a rights? I am not really trying to bust your chops, but I keep seeing apparent disconnects in your dialogue and am not sure you have made the connection between your voting habits and the problems (including 2a erosion) in California. It does sound like you (and some of your friends) are getting there, but have not turned the corner yet. How many more rights will you have to lose before you vote differently? The Dems and Reps are not the only choices.

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