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Originally Posted by 43Gunner View Post
I just drove from Washington State to Cali. I would call ahead and ask what each store had in stock, no sweat off my back since I was driving 1200 miles anyway. Passed a Walmart every 30 miles or closer. I was ably to find everything I needed to outlast the shortage at very good prices. I will say all Walmarts are different, numerous times employees would tell me they got a shippment but no handgun rounds on the phone. I would stop by and find the ammo I was looking for. Some Walmart employees don't know the diffrence. I found over 2300 rounds of .45 1000 rounds of .40 300 rounds of .38 600 rounds of .223 and 550 rounds of .22. All of this just took a few phone calls and some persistence.

Obviously it helped I needed to make the dive anyway, but it turned out to be a nice vacation and solved my Ammo needs at the same time. Cabellas in Washington also had everything in stock.

I just put 500 rounds of .40 up for sale at my cost.

Wow, that is 20 wal-marts or 10 wal marts with 2 adults. Every wal-mart I stopped at in Washington had a 3 box limit.
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