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Originally Posted by sharxbyte View Post
Have not made the string yet. I intend to use a pair of cords from a set of miniblinds, wrapped/twisted. I'll be covering the loops at either end as well as the portion where the arrow nocks with heat shrink for durability.

Currently the only power tools I've used were a drill/butterfly bit to start the window, and a chop saw to square the starting block.

I also used:

Clamps to hold the pieces as they glued

Hand saw (wood) for making in-cuts

Handsaw (multipurpose/drywall) to start the cuts on the skis

hacksaw to finish the cuts on the skis

chisels to remove the chunks between the in cuts

rasp/files to round/smooth the general shape out

skinning knife for detail work

square for measuring/marking

Measure tape for ""
Miniblind cord for a bow string? Not a good idea...
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