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Strange. Every auto I've had dropped the trigger group by pushing out a couple pins. Some took a bit of manipulation to go back in, but nothing difficult. Just don't force anything. I'd find it hard to believe that any mainline mfg wouldn't provide for general service.

Autos have a spring loaded plunger in the stock tube. If that gets gunk in it, it can prohibit free action of the plunger and bend the shiznit out of the "tang bars" hanging off the bolt. Best to keep this area clean and relatively dry except the plunger itself or it just collects junk.
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Tell me again why Christians should ever fight for this country?
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I won't.
I sign the dotted line and wrote a blank check to my country (RIP) back in the 1980s payable up to and including my life.
Back then I had a country worth defending, if Russia or China were to invade tomorrow I'll laugh.
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