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Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
I don't know the details, quite possibly it was a brand new gun to him, and it jammed forward on the first trigger pull. There is no rate limiter so it's plausible for all ten rounds to pop off in under a second. If you're not expecting that it would be very easy for the gun to jerk right out of your hands and muzzle climb back to your face/head. It was a tragic accident and it is the reason Chabot no longer permits SKS rifles on the range there.
From Chabot website:
SKS rifles are limited to only 2 rounds in the firearm at a time. This applies to all types of SKS rifles, regardless of improvements, modifications, paperwork or pleading. We are not anti-gun here. We are anti-getting shot by a gun that goes full auto, held by a person who may or may not know how to control it. This does not apply to any other firearm at the time of this writing.

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