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Originally Posted by marksmandowntown View Post
Want to see. Looks really cool. Please talk about the tools you used and how you made the string.
Have not made the string yet. I intend to use a pair of cords from a set of miniblinds, wrapped/twisted. I'll be covering the loops at either end as well as the portion where the arrow nocks with heat shrink for durability.

Currently the only power tools I've used were a drill/butterfly bit to start the window, and a chop saw to square the starting block.

I also used:

Clamps to hold the pieces as they glued

Hand saw (wood) for making in-cuts

Handsaw (multipurpose/drywall) to start the cuts on the skis

hacksaw to finish the cuts on the skis

chisels to remove the chunks between the in cuts

rasp/files to round/smooth the general shape out

skinning knife for detail work

square for measuring/marking

Measure tape for ""
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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
Where is this ammo "Black market" he speaks of? Do they have .223 in stock?
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