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Originally Posted by GoatLovin View Post
After driving from North Carolina to California, I can tell you the ammo is out there. Especially Utah. Stop going to the big box stores.
Cabelas and sportsmen warehouse are considered big box stores?
went to small gun shops too, but they wanted to rape you for the price of ammo.

Spent around XXX dolllars and bought

150 .40 Federal hollow point home defense
750 .40 Winchester 180 grain target loads
700 9mm Winchester target
100 9mm tula brass
250 9mm Federal 115 grain
1000 .45 Winchester
100 .38 Winchester target
160 rounds federal 5.56

M. Sage's I have a dream speech;

Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
I dream about the day that the average would-be rapist is afraid to approach a woman who's walking alone at night. I dream of the day when two punks talk each other out of sticking up a liquor store because it's too damn risky.
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