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Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Wes, you are the one making things up, not me.
False. You said I said something I did not say. You lie.

Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Actually, I think I did actually see the paperwork as I did go over there, but that is not relevant and you are just making that up to try to defend your position. The fact is that he said he marked it and based on the CA DOJ not cancelling either DROS, that tends to confirm it.
Sure you went over there and looked. Totally believable.

The fact they called and asked and the dealer said he should have marked it 1 in 30 exempt and he forgot is the reason they allowed it to go through.

Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Computers are programmed by humans, or do you think that everything is perfect? There is a problem with the DROS system in regards to C&R collectors and the 1 in 30 exemption.
If you tell a computer to flag something, it flags it. It won't just decide one day to flag it and another day not to. Human error is possible, but computer error is quite rare if not impossible.

Again, do you know of any 2 in 30 days being approved? I know of many 2 in 30 days not being approved.

Once again, you just like to type a lot and type about nothing.

Like the other thread, I am moving on. Have fun arguing yourself in circles. Again, you will respond and you will harp on about the normal rantings. Enjoy yourself.
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