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Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
Nice gun! I love a classic SKS.

Here's a word of warning that I'm sure you will also hear from others - for the love of God and all that is Holy - DO NOT try to fire this gun until you have broken down the bolt, removed the firing pin, and cleaned the FP channel with heavy solvent and big-bore pipe cleaners. You mentioned cosmoline, and it can stick the FP in the forward position leading to a runaway full auto. In practice this event is not as fun as it sounds in theory - a guy died at Chabot a few years back when this happened. You have no way of knowing for sure if a previous owner or the seller has done this - CHECK IT YOURSELF.

And then get out and spend some sweet lovin' time at the range with that gal! HAVE FUN!
Yes, this is all true. I always knock the retaining pin out and clean the firing pin and channel before shooting it. You want to hear the pin rattling back & when you shake the assembled bolt.

It is also a good idea to 'test fire' your SKS with only 2 rounds in the rifle, just in case of a slamfire. I have NEVER had a slamfire, but then I always PMCS my weapons (Thanks Uncle Sam).
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