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Originally Posted by VarmintKiller View Post
Really? Which Cabelas are you talking about? Cabelas has almost nothing available online and won't even let you backorder .223 or .22. The Reno store has nothing on the shelf.

I would suggest not clicking on a thread if you don't like the topic instead of telling people they are not needed. I want to hear the state of the ammo shortage in CA as well as other states. This site is dedicated to guns, threads about an ammo shortage make perfect sense.

I'd rather not shop in WalMart, but they have the best prices on ammo around when it is in stock. The local stores that have ammo are exploiting the shortages and charging .60+ a round for .19 ammo.
I went to Cabelas in Reno a month ago and they had a pretty nice stock of .223. I got a 500 round case of federal, I think it was 235 OTD or so. Also, some guy posted a picture of thier .223 section a couple weeks ago and they had thousands of rounds.

My LGS had 55k .223 and 5.56 last week and the week before that they had 117k rounds of .22lr. The .223 was 100 round boxes of American Eagle for 45.99. They always have a box limit though like everyone else. I go to walmart every weekend early in the morning and score ammo once in a while. Probably once every three weeks. And go to Bass Pro twice a month and haven't gone home empty handed. I got my first .22lr two months ago and just went to my ammo cases to count ammo and I have 4100 rounds. None purchased from gougers.

You should find your local gun store that doesn't gouge people and go in there once in a while. Who knows, it might be one you don't even know about right now. Mine does facebook updates when they get pallets of ammo in so if you want to go down there and wait in line you are assured a brick of .22 or a few boxes of handgun ammo or .223 for pre panic prices.

I haven't been able to find any online source to reliably get cheap ammo. If you aren't sitting there waiting for emails you aren't going to get anything. I always get the in stock emails a couple hours later and by then it is gone.

Good hunting.
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