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Originally Posted by mrrabbit View Post
They already have a gun registry that is about 80% percent accurate. They already have a registry of people who have bought ammo in the past.....

I disagree.

Its one thing to have raw data. Its another matter entirely to be able to practically use it. I've little doubt that Uncle Sam has a fairly good idea who owns guns in this country. The problem the Feds face is practical application of that data for civil disarmament.

Sure, the Feds know who owns firearms. But what guns? Where are they located? Have the firearms traded hands recently? The Feds need to know who owns what, where , when , and HOW MUCH-and to a precise T. In order for the opposition to use the Law to prosecute us for owning guns, they need a consolidated and accurate data source which can be used in open criminal and civil court as evidence.

That is why the anti's cannot advance their agenda without an open, publicly accepted national gun registry akin to the UK's and England's. There's a vast difference between a shadowy computer intercept saying "PERSON X BOUGHT 2x 9mm Ammunition" and "Person X owns Handgun Make Y, at Address Z."
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