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Originally Posted by Safety1st View Post
They're storing ALL phone, txt, and email. Accessing credit card company info should be a snap. Purchasing habits reveal quite a bit.
They're not storing ALL...

They're storing:

1. Logs (Voice, Fax, Data)
2. MetaData - To/From/Subject/Etc. (Email, HTTP/HTTPS Req)
3. Content that has been auto-flagged. (Everyone)
4. Content that has been flagged by request. (Specific Persons)

#3. Creates a ton of false flags - filtering of those by additional servers and actual human staff reduces it considerably to that which actually needs to be stored.

Otherwise, no matter how much disk space they have - they'd run out in a matter of days...even a 1000 football fields of NetApps, EMC and IBM disk arrays wouldn't last a week if EVERYTHING were being stored. It's a losing proposition.

What you really are when being monitored is a PROCESS.

As a process you exist in buffers in memory.

So long as you haven't flagged anything - or have a flag request against you - you continue to reside in buffers in memory and as the buffers are filled with streamed data - the buffers are dumped into "/dev/null". Thus for the most part leaving "disk space" alone.

Should a call get stored - it's about 1 Meg for 3 minutes. Almost nothing compared to the disk space they have.

Logs are very low foot print...once again...almost nothing compared to the disk space they have.

MetaData are very low foot print...once again...almost nothing compared to the disk space they have.

Actual files, documents, photos, videos and formatted drawings are another whole ballgame. That's where auto-flagging and requested-flagging have to be fine tuned constantly to make certain they get what they want without wiping out disk space.

This crap has been going on since the 70s - with the files / documents side of it getting the regular updates and increased capacity and processing updates.

And it has gone from "national security" (which was questionable to begin with) to outright patent and business secrets theft, blackmail, and internal spying to interfere with litigation.

And of course, the whole system is protected by certain courts and congressional committees from prying eyes wanting to know what is there and what exactly it is being used for on a case by case basis.

I'll guarantee you this:

They already have a gun registry that is about 80% percent accurate. They already have a registry of people who have bought ammo in the past. They already know where all the expired H1-B's are. They already know where all the illegal aliens are both H1-B and border crosser wise. And they already know where all the gang-bangers are that are actual cartel members.

But here's the scary part:

They absolutely already know the following:

1. Where our LEO and MIL veterans are.
2. Where the law abiding citizens are.
3. Their SSI #'s, Birth Certs, Accounts, Titles, Finger Prints and Firearms.
4. Their associations. (Logs and MetaData Establish This)

Which means, they already have the capability to create chaos for US when politically necessary. Everyone has a profile

And I guarantee you the IRS has unrestricted access...


There's a big gapping hole in the system - from the analysis side of things - and plays a role in why it is I think Snowden is a phony distraction to hide what Obama and Holder are really using the system for - they're in panic mode in my opinion - they're not trying to find someone - they're trying to find something.

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