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Default Browning Gold or Silver Owners Question

Here goes a question about hunting shotguns, which seems rare in this forum!

I have one of each of these, both in 20 gauge. I bought the Silver new, and the Gold used. I like them a lot, for several reasons I won't go into here. The Silver is the follow- on model to the Gold, but they're very similar.

There's a way to partially disassemble the receiver area/trigger group in order to remove the bolt and so forth for cleaning, but it seems to be complicated and tricky. In fact, I don't think the owner's manual recommends doing so. I don't really want to mess with it.

The Question: Since they're gas piston operated (not inertia or recoil operated) with the gas being vented out in the forearm area and not reaching the receiver at all, do you think it's necessary to fool around trying to get the bolt out of the shotgun to clean that area? From what I can see, the area seems to stay pretty clean. I sort of noodle around in there with a big Q-tip once in awhile, and shoot a little Break Free in there, sparingly.

No malfunctions on either shotgun. Everything is working dandy.
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