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Unhappy Ammo prices and shortage

So I just traveled to about 7 different states visiting mainly wal marts, cabelas, and sportsmans warehouse.

None had .22, and I was told that it would get snatched up as soon as it was in stock.
Most had limited amounts of .45 wal mart priced at .42 a round others priced at .50 and up, .40, 9mm.
None had 556, or if they did it was around a buck a round (Wal-Mart selling for .62 a round).
Wal Mart limited you to 3 boxes per person per day, but the only ammo they really had was shot gun ammo, 7mm, 300 win mag, 270, and .243.

How long before the manufacturer's catch up with demand? I really thought the shortage would not be as bad in free states, but it is every bit as bad.
This really is disconcerting. Looking at the shelves empty of ammo really gave me a sick feeling in my stomach

M. Sage's I have a dream speech;

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