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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
I think that we can both agree that the definition of "progressive" in 1900 has little to do with it's meaning today in the world of social media. Much like "Republican" in 1850 has no real correlation with "Republican" today. Look at how the roles for both parties have changed in the South in just the last 50 years. That's why I say that it's just a label. And FYI, I do happen to be an Atheist. Which in no way means that I lack a moral compass. No matter what Fox News tells you, I am not a Godless communist. I am an American.

Fox News eh? lmao...ok. You won't hear me saying you can't have a moral compass if you are an atheist. Morality can be imparted different ways. How some one is raised, or what peer pressures exerted while growing up in school/college, or innate behavior or the society in general all influence. So an atheist as well as anyone else can have a moral compass.

The meaning of progressive still holds, one who wants to "progress" society to a form other than what it is currently. Just the goals are changed or different today. "Global warming" or "Social Justice" to name a couple. Of course it goes without saying, depending who you are talking to, 1 issue will eclipse another of the many varied issues there are. People will always argue like cats and dogs, not necessarily from human nature but different perspectives, right?
^^^The above is just an opinion.

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