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Originally Posted by SWalt View Post
A progressive would be more like an atheist who goes around filing lawsuits against christian symbols of america's heritage because it doesn't fit their view. Or say someone who doesn't believe in free market capitalism and agitates to have policies or law changed to have employees sit on a board of directors and have binding decisions in how the company operates and uses its capital. The main idea of a progressive is there is a need to change (read "progress") society away from its norms and culture to something they see fit. Progressives in the late 1800's, early 1900's were responsible for promoting the science of eugenics, which led to modern day racism. Things like there are superior genetics in certain races and to improve the human lot, laws should be changed to make sure humans progress. So laws against marrying other races, mentally handicapped or mentally ill should not be allowed to procreate, and marrying within your own social class encouraged. Hitler and his superior race all born out of progressivism. You know the end result of that. I bring that up because "progressive" isn't necessarily a good thing. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't agree with that and its pretty indefensible. Marxism and socialism are progressive too. Progressive covers a lot of territory, but basically trying to change society. And I agree, labels and pigeon holing are not accurate, humans vary in too many ways to absolutely quantify politically.
I think that we can both agree that the definition of "progressive" in 1900 has little to do with it's meaning today in the world of social media. Much like "Republican" in 1850 has no real correlation with "Republican" today. Look at how the roles for both parties have changed in the South in just the last 50 years. That's why I say that it's just a label. And FYI, I do happen to be an Atheist. Which in no way means that I lack a moral compass. No matter what Fox News tells you, I am not a Godless communist. I am an American.

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