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Default So I'm making a ski-limb Recurve Bow.

Saw an instructable where a guy did this and decided to try it out.

So far, I have the riser about 80% complete, both limbs cut (still considering additional backing, or not...) and my string material.

Left to do:

Grind the butt's of the limbs completely flat

Make the limb-seats flat so the limbs sit flush

Drill the holes for the bolts inboth the limbs and the riser

make the bowstring

acquire or make arrows

test shoot

Now, some pictures
(If I'd thought about it thoroughly, I'd have started them uploading BEFORE starting to make a thread, and they'd be done by now...)

Okay, here we go.

My AR is 7.62x39, so that if/when we get invaded, I can shoot their ammo back at them!

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Where is this ammo "Black market" he speaks of? Do they have .223 in stock?
My Home-Made Recurve Bow Thread

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Kevin de Leon, on minority women and profiling.
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