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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
Believe me, I've considered it, and I am a member of The Liberal Gun Club. My intent was to enter the enemy's camp, so to speak, and attempt to engage the more conservative members on how better they could engage in dialogue with liberals and to suggest how to convert liberals on the fence. This fallacy that liberals don't own guns is, quite frankly, a figment of the conservative mind that cannot comprehend it. In the real world, we own guns just like you do. perhaps not in the same numbers, but we do exist. And we are just as concerned as you are over the erosion of our liberties when it comes to gun ownership in California. One simpleton suggestion echoed here is to stop voting Democratic. While that may seem the easy answer, in real life it's just not that simple. Would you start voting Democrat just because you believe in a woman's right to choose? I started this thread to attempt to engage conservatives on how best to address issues that effect us both. I won't continue to waste my time if your only response is to fling your feces at me.
You don't need a special progressive sub-forum here. You can engage without one. You're going to need a thick skin and be willing to deal with some people who want nothing more than to fling poo at you. Start a thread on how to engage at least some element of the left on 2A rights. How do I convince a left of center person on the fence about guns to care about 2A rights, especially with the onslaught after Newton and given that the candidates they naturally support are rabidly anti? In other words how do I get that left of center person to send a letter to DiFi or Nancy Skinner that says I love you and support you but you're wrong on guns?

It doesn't matter how much somebody loves guns if they continually nominate, donate, and for vote for candidates who want to ban guns. Do I vote taxes, or guns, or social issues, or the environment? Like many here I'm economically conservative and socially liberal. We don't have a viable option that matches our beliefs so we hold out noses and prioritize our issues on election day. Not that it matters as my representative will be whatever progressive the local machine supports. I voted for Gary Johnson knowing it didn't matter.

I welcome your effort. We'll never win if we stay in an echo chamber. Until we can move the needle on election day we're stuck with fighting in court.
"There are no outdoor sports as graceful as throwing stones at a dictatorship." Ai WeiWei
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