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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
If there were true relevancy in it, then I would easily describe myself as a Libertarian. In fact, I very nearly voted for Gary Johnson last year. But the truth is that Third Party politics can be a crap shoot. There are loony Libertarians just as there are loony Dems and Repubs. It's just that the pool is so much smaller. Growing up in the OC, "behind the Orange Curtain" we used to call it, I recall the Republican Party being much more Libertarian in it's beliefs and in it's dogmas. Today, I couldn't even fathom wasting my vote on a Republican candidate, regardless of their 2A stance. There is simply too much stench on the far right these days. Maybe it's time to take another look at the California Libertarian party. Thanks for the info.
So in CA voting for libertarians, who believe in very limited government and taking the candy bowl away, will some how win in a state the Dems have turned to their favor by making it into 1 big huge candy bowl?

Sorry, just don't see it.
^^^The above is just an opinion.

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