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Originally Posted by Jpzum View Post
Libertarians: more socially liberal than dems. More fiscally conservative than GOP. The CA libertarian platform supports the 2A to the FULLEST extent. They support all personal freedoms that don't infringe on another persons rights. They believe the government should be protecting individuals rights rather than stripping them away. There is room for a leftist pro 2A person in the libertarian party. While they support such left ideas as gay marriage, they don't support subsides, handouts, corporate tax breaks... It's a growing party. Donkeys and Elephants just try to decide which rights to allow us or revoke, or who is allowed "rights" and to what extent.

I suppose it may be a radical stance to support a third party, but it makes you free to despise D/R equally and to support and advocate for all of your own individual rights (so long as they do not infringe on another persons individual rights). Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. The government does not legislate based on any specific religious view or anti religious view.

Both the dems and GOP want to be your nanny.

OP: progressive? What does that mean? Does it mean socialist? I don't even know what a progressive is. Does that mean the same thing as liberal? Or democrat? If it does, then why is there even such a thing as a progressive? Are any republicans progressive (that's rhetorical).

I've always felt liberal as far as social issues, but the attack on the 2A has caused me to wake up. Damn the CA democrat party. The right wing view on social issues (pro-life, homophobes, creationists, tea party) I could never support.

Feinstein, pelosi, boxer, Yee, de Leon, skinner, etc, etc, etc, are a bunch of emotional bleeding hearts that feel that disarming everyone is the best way to secure progressive votes. They would have everyone believe that supporters of the second amendment approve of killing children. And their constituents agree. They show it with their votes.

It seems that the only politicians who believe in ALL civil rights are the libertarians. Separation of church and state. Equal rights for all. Individuals right to keep and bear arms.

What does a progressive even believe? Or is that just another name to use instead of democrat? I know the democrats in CA believe that I should not be able to own or carry most types of firearms due to public safety. That position is terribly Misguided, but that is what they believe, when actually, public safety would not be jeopardized if I carried a gun. My personal safety and the safety of my family would be bolstered. The democrat agenda would not allow me to carry, and would severely restrict my choice in weapons, because I choose to abide by laws.

Criminals choose not to abide by laws.

Dems are ensconced in this state. GOP is not electable in the statewide elections. They are all garbage. It's all cronies, kickbacks, and power whores.

There is only one party that believes in ALL of your individual rights and personal freedoms. It might be a fringe element. Might not have the ability to win state wide elections (neither does GOP). But the fact is if you believe in the 2A, you can't cast your votes for the pelosis ET al. If you believe that all are created equal, you can't vote red.

There is another choice if you believe in freedom and YOUR RIGHTS.

It might be radical. But that's my .02

This makes way too much sense for a LIBTARD!!!!
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Originally Posted by keenkeen View Post
"What you've just posted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
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