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I wanted a Rossi 38/357 or 45lc for target shooting. I got my hands on my grandfather's Winchester 30-30 and now I can do what the 357 will do and more.

Below is a photo of my plinking load. 159 grain RN plain base cast boolit with CRed lube over 6.0 grains of Red Dot pistol powder for a average of 1116 fps. It probably kicks less than a 223 and it is very quick and accurate when shooting steel plates at 50 yards and less. The plates really move compared to a 9mm or 38 spl pistol. I have tried it at 100 yards, but I am not satisfied with the stock sights and my rifle skills are on the lower end. A hundred rounds costs me around 5 bucks.

Trail boss powder would give slower velocities and it also works with jacketed bullets (I have run it in 30-06 and 460 mag).

If you reload, 30-30 is quite versatile, although I like 30-06 even better.

I still have a desire to own that stainless Rossi in a pistol caliber. It looks modern and classic at the same time.
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