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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
Wow, clearly, critical thinking is dead. I have suggested that instead of thumping liberals over the head with 2A rhetoric from the beginning, we instead introduce them to firearms from the more begnign aspect of sportsmanship, recreation, family bonding, etc. Then again, maybe you are just another one of those tinfoil hat conservatives whose sole reason for owning firearms is to protect yourself from "gubment teariny" Sorry, Merc, but I seriously doubt, even on this board, that the most compelling reason to own a firearm is fear of the feds. I'm sure that for most of us, the primary reason for owning firearms is that they are fun to shoot. That is precisely why there is but one 2A heading and more than twenty threads dedicated to other aspects of gun ownership, including "sport".
Now you are getting into the spirit of things! Think of this forum as 1 big 1A slugfest. As is the real world, one that is peopled with many divergent views, gun owners are no different with the exception that most gun owners are conservative and have been fighting the fight long before the internet came into being. On CGN, it runs the whole gambit with many gays, libertarians, and some unafraid progressives like yourself. Now if you understand this and not get butt hurt easily, then you will do fine.

Since you wanted a "progressive 2A thread" I'm interested in seeing what "progressives solutions" can be tabled. So far its "conservatives need to ask progressives out shooting". Which boggles my minds since conservatives/gun owners have been pilloried by progressives as "hill billy, red necked, racist, misogynist, homophobe, haters" in order to advance progressive ideology over the last 50 yrs. So what other "progressive solutions"? I can give you some. Progressive gun owners showing up at democrat functions and start working the crowd. Advance the same progressive gun owners up through the democrat ranks. Even perhaps telling other progressive that using name calling or "fixing your enemy" shouldn't be used when it comes to gun owners because "darn it, progressives love their guns too". Thats 3 for a start.
^^^The above is just an opinion.

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