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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
I'm sorry, but this is nothing more than a Fox News talking point that has no basis in reality. The vast majority of Americans recieving direct Federal Aid vote Republican, and it's been that way for decades. If you look at a California voting map the entire coast is painted blue with pockets of red further inward. Who can afford to live on the coast? Minorities with their EBT cards? Hardly. Those wealthy enough to live along the coast don't vote Democrat because the government is supporting them.
I am not sure what this has to do with the original thread, but I live in Santa Barbara and this statement could not be more erroneous as it relates to SB. SB is a Democrat stronghold and the town is filled with low income people who receive their share of government handouts. However, to practice full disclosure, my wife works in Social Services and in addition to those low income people that get the freebies (and by the way are driving nicer cars than myself), she also works with people in multi-million dollar mansions that are also getting the same freebies.
Now back to the topic...........
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