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Originally Posted by Ericb760 View Post
This is tougher than I thought it would be. I'll try again. Liberals do not share your obsession with 2A. It is not a concept that they have daily, or even monthly or yearly, contact with. As I've stated earlier, they are generally less concerned with government intrusion in to their lives. That doesn't make them bad or stupid, just knowledge challenged. The simple fact is that the boom of post-WWII that created a huge middle class in America lessened the need for a firearm to protect you. We have, indeed, become a very safe society to live in and millions of Americans now go their entire lives without witnessing first-hand violence that would preclude the use and ownership of a firearm. Heck, I've talked to retired cops who never once drew their gun their entire careers. It's not so much that liberals "hate" guns. Rather, we have, fictionally it turns out, made society safe enough to live in without a Smith & Wesson strapped to your leg. So when you start the conversation with "from my cold, dead hands...", there is no frame of reference from which they can understand. It has to be taught, just like anything else worth knowing. I took an NRA handgun course last week. It lasted an hour and the 2A was never even mentioned. So why START the conversation with that? They will not see the government in the same light that you do. That is my reason for suggesting the "sporting" aspect of gun ownership as a starting point. FYI, as veteran, I fully understand, appreciate, and agree with 2A. And despite your opinion, I fully understand 1A as well. Good night, gentlemen.
And you've dodged the question again. You claim to agree with 2a, but you don't seem to want to admit to what extent.
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