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Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
Find a new dealer. No way in hell would I ever make your wife jump through ridiculous hoops when the State of California has granted her special privileges that makes both of our lives easier. She is 1 in 30 day exempt under the Peace Officer heading and only needs her department ID, she is roster exempt with her ID, and we would most certainly run her handguns and long guns all at the same time (though regrettably on three different DROS).

That other shop is giving you such run around, you definitely need to find a shop that values your time and business more than to make your life more difficult than the State of California requires.

Went to a couple more shops, they both gave the 1 in 30 line, even though one knew of the FFL03 + COE exemption which I thought was odd.

Tempted to run down and just have the other one DROS the SIG we found and see what happens.