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Originally Posted by Stan08 View Post
It would seem to me that for a brand new pistol shooter you are loosing out on the pure fundamentals of marksmanship and instilling "different" habits. I have no dog in this fight since I've never done CAR...
Agreed. I don't understand why it even needs a name. Whatever advantages you get in the application of the technique (tight confines) will be immediately evident during the required circumstance.

Are you going to try and extend your arms if you don't have room to extend them? I hope not. That's not a system, that's common sense.

I don't think the CAR techniques as a whole are superior to more generally accepted best practices for basic handgun marksmanship. By that I mean working square to the target, aiming with both eyes, arms extended, etc.

If you are an experienced shooter and want to mix it up then I could see it. Otherwise, meh.
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