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I used my beta model for the first time last weekend. Worked great except when the sun was high and behind me (uber clear sky). Read uber high with some errors indicating 1st or 2nd sensor didn't detect. The sun shades did no good. By afternoon I was in partial shade and it worked great. I was thinking just a much larger shade of opaque plastic (simulating cloud cover). Issue being any wind is gonna raise heck.

I'd think anything optical is going to have some lighting issues...after all, it's detecting a shadow of the bullet. Muzzle blast from adjacent rifles is another issue. I'd think closer to you would be more discretionary from other shooters, but may pick up your own blast. Further might get out of the blast altogether, but your window gets smaller.

I did mine out in the forest cuz it's too difficult at a regulated range to get all set up during cease fires.
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