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Originally Posted by gemoose23 View Post
I read somewhere about building your own Chronograph box with lighting to achieve the most consistent readings, which would also eliminate/reduce muzzle blast from you or nearby lane shooters.

They call them Chrono Coffins....

I am waiting for some variant for autoloading pistols. This will be amazing when it happens.
I saw a custom setup on their site that is designed for testing across multiple rifles in a ballistic lab allowing for various barrel diameters. For an autoloading pistol this type of setup could be adapted to present the bayo at the correct distance below the muzzle of a pistol mounted on a rest. I have very few semiauto pistols so there is no impetus for me to cobble one together. It would be a fun project for someone with an aptitude for mechanical adaptation. P.S.: You can never have too many C clamps.
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