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I thought from the title that this thread would be about Hollywood films and TV shows!

Like Tubbs laying down covering fire and shooting 11 shots from his J frame while Crockett shoots his Bren 10 with thumbs crossed behind the slide and both right and left hand index fingers pulling the trigger.

CAR - how to explain it- picture sitting in your car, while keeping your shoulders against the seat, engage a threat to your left out of the drivers window.

You basically are holding the pistol with the gun across your chest using the eye that is on the same side as the gun

So you would have the gun in your right hand with your left being the support hand. You would use your left eye on the sights while engaging the threat.

At the range, picture with your left shoulder being towards the target.
It might be called the evolution of the weaver platform.

So back to the thread title- where are the Hollywood pistol techniques?

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