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So unimpressed with CAR. I'll admit I've only made a glancing research on the technique but it seems so lame. First, anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, it was invented by a British cop. Cops in the UK for the most part are unarmed. Even if he was an armed cop how much action did he see to test this technique? Secondly and more practically using CAR blinds your peripheral vision. That's genius, in a shoot out considering you're going to get tunnel vision and now you've just exacerbated it more by narrowing your field of view. Has anyone noticed that this technique is not taught or adopted by anyone else besides Castle's students. That's pretty telling.

I won a free training class form Civilian Arms Training when I attended the Dave Grossman seminar. I looked through their brochure and spoke with the black BDU cladded salesmen at the booth and instantly knew that was not for me. I donated that voucher to the Calguns booth and told them to auction it or something. I wanted no part.
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