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Originally Posted by ZombieTactics View Post
The more I study and train, the less convinced I am that there is any "one true and holy" technique.

There are things that work well, things that work a little better in some cases, and stuff which is total crap.

IMHO, the complete defensive skill set consists of developing good default behaviors, which cover most of the bases, and then (if time/money/inclination allow) filling those in with other skills for specific circumstances.

Iso is probably the best overall default technique. IMHO that's where 80% of your training time belongs. Weaver and even CAR certainly "work", and have their places ... just not as general/default techniques.
It's all so subjective. Find out what works best for you personally by giving various techniques a good try.

Personally, CAR may have its uses but to teach it as a default method is resorting to a marketing gimmick.

Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
- Historian Josephus (AD 37-101) on the Roman military

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