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My Rossi R92 16" in 38sp/357 sits in a leather scabbard attached to our bed headboard every night. As it is my first grab home defense gun, I have put some number of rounds through it to ensure total reliability. Mostly I use standard American Eagle 130 gr FMJ to run the gun at the range, getting the action smoother, getting used to it and just straight practicing with it. However I keep it loaded at home with Hornady Critical Defense 357 for home defense, so I've shot about 200 rounds of that as well to ensure reliability.

Probably 1,500 rounds total through the gun, and never a mishap in feeding. However with this gun and all other lever guns I shoot, I always strive for very deliberate action when working the lever - quality over quantity, ensure clean feeding over all-out speed. And the 357 coming out of a rifle-length barrel is very effective for HD use.
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