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thanks for the a 38/357 lever action can shoot it reliably?
i ask because ive seen some videos showing people struggling trying to load a 38 round after each shot...
was thinking in this rifle or a lever action in 45lc...
my main uses for the rifle would be:
home defense, hutning (small game up to deer size animals)
and in a lost hiker situation, use it for defense against any animal i might come across (mountain lions, and cougars, deer, and few bears...)

as for the home defense, would the 357 or 45 long colt be better in terms of: stopping power(shot placement of course)..and less chance of over penetration...
have a 30-30win and a 270 wsm but wouldnt use that for fear of over penetration..(i live in the suburbs)
what would be suitable from these two lever actions?
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